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Coffee house jazz always puts me in the mood. Such a rainy atmosphere I opened my eyes to this morning, it’s quite chilly. Morning tea followed by the preperation of my lunch today, mushroom olive oil couscous. Not much planned today, but to go by the downtown book store and pick up a novel or two. These are the days I love. Everyday we push forward to get to the next, we never sit to see the beauty in what we are privileged of. Today I am going to do just that. Live your life, don’t just let the days go by being blinded to the meaning.

change, Happiness, life, self love

Untamed Growth

I once heard “whatever you believe about yourself on the inside is what you will manifest on the outside.” Here I stand in reevaluation. Here I am taking a step back. I’m stepping back to reality. I shun the perfectionist side of me. I overlook the judge in me. I am enlightened with the love in me. I see only things one can dream of. I see me. Love your self internally and you will manifest beauty. This will grow on you untamed. You will manifest and soak in a sun of beauty that no one will be able to resist. The radiance, such a striking force. Everyone becomes a reflection. What a world. What a beautiful world to be a part of. Take that step, even though sometimes painful, it’s essential. Make the world shine, it only takes one person to shine, then the rest become enlightened with reflections. Shine on.


The Storm

Being alone is the worst. Being alone and lost is the absolute. Some times in life we feel this way. We feel as we are swept up by storm. We are swept up with no contol which breaks another code of humanity. We crave control, I crave control. Control that isn’t at reach anymore because we are now swept up too far. Up we go. Up I go. Trying to grasp on, on to my life. Like a whirlpool the winds won’t stop, then the strength swells. The Storm is here. Grab on and don’t lost control, control is all you have. Once lost all power goes with it. The Storm is here.

change, Happiness, life

The Sting


I’m finding myself caught in my emotions quite often now. I can’ t tell just yet if that is a positive or negative attribute to my life. All I know, as I stand right now, is that it is an impacting part of my daily rituals. I can be cooking lunch and just be swept away, either with smiles or tears. It comes and goes sporadically, sometimes at the worst moments. I get the questions asking what’s wrong and all I have for them most of the time is “I don’t know.” No one will ever understand . Well at least that’s how I feel now. A thought that hits my mind quite frequently is one of great question. Its an evaluation of my life and where I stand as an individual. It’s where I stand as a human being. This brings emotion quite often.

I have a lot of self doubt and just feel lost at times.. most of the time actually. I feel alone most of the time. I feel lonely as if no one understands me. I feel few people come close to getting an idea, but just cant put my shoes on. One day I am wearing stilettos and one day I will be wearing sneakers. Like I said.. I am LOST. What a generation and world to be born into saying I am lost. Or am I? Do I just feel that way? I wouldn’t know the answer.

I am drowning in questions and possible answers. I just want to be afloat in this sea. A sea of judgment and search of happiness. A swarm of bees are near and its almost as I have an allergy… just my LUCK. That’s life though. Random. I will get through it maybe with a few stings, but there will be a cure. Not all cures fix the problem at source, but it’ll do the job and take the pain away. I am waiting for me cure. I am waiting for my realization. I am waiting for my enlightenment. Although I crave something deeper.. it will do for now. I crave happiness.

Through the rough sea and deathly bees, I will fulfill my craving. I know I will.

change, life, self love

Don’t be her

She lacks confidence, she craves admiration insatiably. She lives on the reflections of herself in the eyes of others. She does not dare to be herself.” -Anais Nin

She doesn’t know everyone else is taken. She doesn’t know that life isn’t to be lived with a mentality to please everyone else. She is fearful, never would dare to take a dare. She will never reveal herself, she is content with hiding. She will never find that person who would have loved her hidden self unconditionally. She missed the light and fell to darkness. Don’t be her.

Dare. Dare to be yourself.

change, life

“If everything was dipped in gold, then baby it would never grow”

We blanch this everyday of our lives. This unrelenting dread feeds on us and can take us over. We can be tyrannized by this fear.

The fear of making mistakes.

We become uneasy of this because we are petrified of judgment.

Again, we are craving perfection. Such a corrupting and inhumanly craving. Worse than any donut or cigarette can inflict.

Sitting there pondering on your next move, with no knowledge that you just missed it. We never just go for it. Those who do, are the ones not deprived of life’s nutrients. They are the ones blooming to the fullest. They are absorbing sunlight and water, flourishing them into those exquisite pink and orange hues.

Mistakes are the seeds to our potential. Empower those seeds. Bosom the seeds, they differentiate us from the next. Know that we all go through it, maybe in diverse ways, but it is the path of growth. It is the path of our lives.

We don’t grow on perfection.. If everything was dipped in gold, then baby it would never grow. Free yourself from that mindset.

change, life, self love



We build, breakdown, and maintain relations. It is vital for one to live, putting in the factor of our grounds. Everyday we associate ourselves with individuals then adjudicate if that relation will be long term or left as is. In ocassional cases, we won’t have that choice morally, but most times we will. Some we encounter we will wish to unencounter. Some we come upon we will grow to be the bestest of friends with. One we come upon we will wish to marry. Life is so whimsical. That’s the beauty of it.

The most esteemed relationship is one we regularly neglect. We rarely take the time to evaluate this relation. We are utterly blinded by the fact that this precepts our life.. it makes us who we are. This is the relationship we have with ourself.

Take the time to hear yourself out. Listen to your thoughts. Love your thoughts. Love yourself. I challenge you to be your own bestfriend.

Happiness, life

Give a Smile… or Two

I stand in tranquility, not only with myself, but with the environment. I am brought upon a heartening mood with things I overlooked in the past. The small things now appear world changing. Time and again, we belittle the power of even the simplest gestures. I am here to remind you, that they are not indeed small if they make even the slightest change. It is up to the person whom receives the gesture to be the judge of that.

“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” ~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr

He just might smile back

He just might smile back.. Always worth a try.

Happiness, life

Smiling For No Reason At All

I don’t feel as you can construe “happiness.” These is no phrase of words to express what it feels like. There ihapiinesss nothing that you can compose, in description of it, to do the term justice. It is brought upon people in the strangest and in the most abruptly manner possible. It is serendipitous. Happiness is sometimes a semblance, it can be a way of foolery, towards people. The society we reside in today utilizes this trickery,similar to the deceptions illusionist showcase.

We animate in a humanity were majority of the citizens spend more energy on trying to look happy, then biting the core and rewarding themselves with the essence of actually being happy. But then again, what is happiness? All I know and all you know is: it happens. “Happiness Happens.” For the little bits that we do know, we can say happiness brings good. So I ask a second time, what is happiness?

For me happiness is:

Looking at the mirror bare and being able to compliment raw beauty to oneself.

Making a difference in someone’s day. You never know when such a small gesture of kindness can change ones life.

When I know I am exceeding my potential as- a human, a daughter, a sister, a role model, a vegan, a writer, and whatever role life throws at me.

And most importantly, one that I have been catching myself doing often: smiling for no reason at all.

But once again, even in my best way of describing it to you… no justice is served to this feeling. You can only unearth this sensation by being yourself and allowing it find you and nourish your soul. Everyone has their own passage to happiness, so I ask again, what is happiness?…to you that is.

~I’d love to hear your response in the comment bar~

self love

Eternal Soul

Who is to say what is  perfect or not? Friends? Society? Religion

The idea of perfection is not what it implies, instead a problem. We will use cosmetics to cover up what makes us unique (our flaws) to appear “perfect.” We will deprive ourselves to achieve a “perfect” physique. We will be put under surgically for that “perfect” nose or those “perfect” and perky boobs (beauty is not pain). So I ask again… Who is to say what is perfect or not?

We try to alter everything about ourselves and this is good for nothing except, the stripping of your uniqueness and bare beauty. We can’t let our outer appearances define who we are. It’s time we step back and make efforts into perfect something worth perfecting (saying it is the only eternal thing we posses)… our soul.

When all of your worries are spent stressing looks, you will never meet honest happiness with ones raw self. You will never genuinely love who you are, as an individual, and that’s top of the list when it comes to life’s prominent roles.

“The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It’s the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows & the beauty of a woman only grows with passing years.” ~Audrey Hepburn

Here is the translucent me, soak it all in. Open. Honest. Bare. Raw. Beautiful.


looks almost as I have took a mug shot, yet just trying to capture something raw. Then again.. mug shots are just that, raw.